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Here is a page dedicate to how energy works in Acting & Presenting starting with the Principles of Energy linked to movement. (Another video will be shared with you soon with more examples including Archetypes).

Focus on energy before you speak, please check out the video "The words Come Last on our public subscriber page - link here for you -

The Principles of Energy (Movement).

There are three stages.

1. Movement through energy or physical movement 

(There are 6 ways to physically move or moving your energy and 1 way to stay still or be in neutral as it's defined). 

Up - Down - Forward - Back - Right or Left 

The physical movement in this first example is just one inch, nothing more. 

The energy transference can be done from your Head, Heart or Stomach or as we like to call it Ego, Soul and Self. 


Think about how you see energy, it can be laser like or a thin shield of energy from your head to your toes and it can slide in any direction. 

Through this process step out of YOUR current thoughts:

When YOU step out of thoughts YOU invite awareness and open to a more spacious space where your emotions are not so raw. You become aware in a conscious intentional way.  You let go of the thinking processes, you slow down, you become quiet inside, you open to an inner space that is wise, gaining clarity of your characters world.

2. Placement of Archetype. 

So to move physically or with energy transference from your Head space, Heart space or Stomach space in a chosen direction embracing your chosen archetype. 

Let's say you decide to push your energy and chosen archetype towards a character you are standing opposite. 

You can just push to where they are standing or you can push it pass them to the end of the room. 

We measure this energy by giving it an approximate volume starting from 1 to 10. 

(Archetype energy volume)

What this will ultimately do is change the texture of your voice and make it relevant to the scene assuming you have chosen your archetype wisely. 

The Words Come Last. 


1. MOVEMENT (Physical or Energy).

2. EMOTION (Defined by your chosen Archetype). 

3. SPEAK (Dialogue).

And / Or 

1. MOVEMENT (Physical or Energy).

2. EMOTION (Defined by your chosen Archetype). 


4. SPEAK (Dialogue).



1. MOVEMENT (Physical or Energy).

2. EMOTION (Defined by your chosen Archetype). 


HN: Handy notation. 

Points 1 and 2 always before dialogue/talking are just as importantly whilst listening.

The listening process will additionally place your characters inner thoughts.  

3. Dialogue or Speak 

Please note that you can change your archetype at any time (mid sentence or end sentence) and that is the same with your energy transference or physical movement. 

The same process for your Head Space, Heart Space or Stomach Space. 

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