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The Honorary Lifetime Membership Award is bestowed to a small but very distinguished group of individuals who have been recognised for providing a significant period of years of continuous and extraordinary service to The Film Actors Academy (FACTA) London UK.

Over and beyond the call of duty with continued support to our Education and connected Film Productions and its Members.

Like minded people who take our dreams further through their own creativity and commitment to finding alternative ways to raise the bar and finalise our film productions. 

An example to others, a true Academy Visionary who understands the longevity of what belongs to every member, their dream becoming a reality.

film actors academy
film actors academy
film actors academy

August 2022 Louise Hadley presented with her Honorary Lifetime Member award at the I AM Film Festival.

daniel and kat FACTA
FACTA 10 Year celebration

January 2022 Daniel Skinner & Katrina Ross.

FACTA Members celebrating 10 Years in Education & Film-making.

Daniel Skinner and Katrina Ross collect their Honorary Lifetime Membership Award at the FACTA 10 Year celebration dinner at the Melody Restaurant in Hammersmith London. 

The Film Actors Academy

July 2021 Peter Agneli & Paul Dewdney.

Peter Agneli's pictured making his speech collectively for his Distinction and Honorary Lifetime Membership Award and Paul Dewdney accepting his Honorary Lifetime Membership Award at the I AM Film Festival.

film actors academy
film actors academy

December 2019 Elaine Eaglestone & Tony Fadil.

Paul J Lane presenting this prestigious award to Tony Fadil at The Film Actors Academy Christmas Gathering on 16th December 2019  & Joanna Rose Barton collecting Elaine Eaglestone's Honorary Lifetime Member Award on her behalf.


Trevor Clarke & Ray Seager receive their Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards @ The I AM Film Festival

evening  event in Canary Wharf London on the 17th October 2019. 

October 2019 Trevor Clarke & Ray Seager.

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