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Class highlights video above - Creating the Villain & Hero.

The Accredited Yearly Course for Beginners (Day time 12 until 5pm).

On average 12 members per classroom and is organised and administrated for beginners to Screen Acting.

A new course begins this month, if you wish to book your free sample lesson to see what's on offer click on the contact page for full details on how to apply. 

When your course begins, each class date is matched with all member availability at the beginning of each month.

Each lesson has personalised filming to analyse your performances from scripted scenes given in advance which is feed through our large screen projector to watch as we film.

This is then uploaded shortly after each lesson with a unique password through The Film Actors Academy website on the Masterclass page.

Types of classes available during the week and weekends.

Pop in classes.

(1 day per month / 12 until 5pm).

Part time classes.

(2 days per month / 12 until 5pm).

Full time classes.

(3-4 days per month / 12 until 5pm).


Distinction Academy Member Simon Berry.

‘I’m so grateful to the Film Actors Academy, I came back to class after several years out hoping to sharpen my tools a bit and maybe regain some confidence. Since returning it’s a whole new game, literally, the Academy Film Coaches approaches are excellent, relaxed, yet comprehensive.
I’m free to play, risks feel safe in a supportive, open minded learning environment, I’m taking that into the audition room with me and I’m regularly booking work and really looking forward to my next class.’

The Academy aspires to have a healthy culture for learning and ask for good energy and concentration in class. 


Mobile phones are to be kept on silent/vibrate during learning time but if you are expecting an urgent call, please let your film coach know at the beginning of the day. 


When classes are being operated, there is mainly one rule to stick by which is feedback will only come from the Film Acting Coach and not the classroom.

On average, you will receive 2 to 3 new skills for acting per class, there may be more on occasion however this is generally the case in relation to learning with effective demonstration from the member.

We aim to film all performances with your consent which will be uploaded to our website film hub where you can analyse your performances and discuss with your coach the next time you attend.


FILMFACTA Award Winning Film Director & Qualified Coach Paul J Lane welcomes you to the Academy website.

ian burfield film actors academy.jpg

FACTA Award Winning Film Director & Qualified Coach Paul J Lane welcomes you to the Academy website.


All movie footage is from the Academy Productions Web Crawler & All The Lonely People plus Behind The Scenes imagery. 

Aureli Stafford and Clarence Venson  talk about their experiences @ the Film Actors Academy in Camden London UK.

For Adult Actors & Actresses, click on the pictures above to book in for your free sample lesson at FILMFACTA, dates provided to choose from on application.

Final Edit Mina Full HD.00_29_42_14.Still270.jpg

If you would like to know more about joining the Film Actors Academy please email us at introducing yourself and what you are looking for in further education.

Your first lesson is free so please get in touch if you would like to sample what's on offer at the Academy. 

The Film Actors Academy

Head Coach & Founder Paul J Lane presents "Entertain Me" 



69 Awards 26 Nominations  including  Best Director

Best Actor & Best Actress.

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