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Jane Davydiuk

The Academy is a wonderful place to learn new characters. 

The best thing for me is the knowledge received assists in both acting and for my personal life.

I really enjoy being in the environment of such expressionistic people. 

The education spans from understanding how you operate humanistic-ally and the transference of how your new found film characters operate which is very masterful.   


Manny Jesse Boateng

FACTA gives me the courage and tenacity to explore and discover filmesque characters pertaining to all walks of life through script interpretation and its artistry. 

The course gives me the power to overcome my sense of vulnerability and shyness by pushing through my own personal boundaries which I never thought would be possible. 

I am strengthened through this process, especially when clearing my mind before performing. 

I now have the the ability to perform and act within the Film Industry.

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Kirill Uvarov

A perfect way to start your career in the film industry and developing your acting skills. 

Intensive 5 hour lessons every week cover all aspects of becoming a professional actor. From the first lesson, there is the choice of watching yourself perform on the big screen assisting in growth and mastering. 

There are very talented Film Coaches helping you to through the learning process and stretching you in to higher confidence through demonstration. 

FILMFACTA Masterclass Video Reviews.

Melchior talks about his early experiences at the Film Actors & Actresses Academy.


Netty discusses her timeline at the Film Actors & Actresses Academy.

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Distinction member Neil talks about his audition conversion rate.

Vicky reflects on her time at the Film Actors & Actresses Academy.

Click on the video above where the Academy celebrates 10 years of training & making movies from 2012 to 2022.

Showman. Young male entertainer, present


Types of classes available during the week and weekends.

Pop in classes.

(1 day per month / 12 until 5pm).

Part time classes.

(2 days per month / 12 until 5pm).

Full time classes.

(3-4 days per month / 12 until 5pm).

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