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Academy Actor Filmmaker Course in conjunction with your existing course. 


The Film Actors Academy is pleased to announce its latest Course for existing members for extra learning and experience in film making and film performance.


Key areas to take in to account whilst considering this extra curricular. 

Class size (Unit)

Each filmmaker/acting unit will be made up of 4 to 5 members only and will have the same personnel

throughout the year until their film is made. 



For the first 10 months, all education will be conducted online twice a month for 3 hours at a time either during the day or evening depending on all unit members availability.

Month 11 will be 2 rehearsals in person and month 12 will be making the movie over a number of days depending on how may script pages have been written together by the unit team.  

The education will be behind the camera in readiness for all members to make their film once their education is finalised.

Areas of education include - lighting - camera - framing - movement - sound - scheduling - insurance - venues - third party footage - script writing - call sheets - 1st AD to 2nd AD (Assistant Director) - health & safety - risk assessment - blocking - clapperboard - green screen - colour grading - musical scoring & editing.



All members will act in the film. 

All members will be given titles and responsibilities behind the camera which will also be linked to IMDb.

Film length is anything up to 15 minutes.  

To be played at one of the up and coming FACTA Premieres and or at the I AM Film Festival. 

Entrance to 4 to 5 IMDb film festivals (Best Actor / Best Actress).

Release on Indie Film Rocket.

Quality & Guidance

The Film will be written by the unit members with quality and sign off from Paul and at times a designated Coach.

The educational Filmmaking Principles will be lead by Paul J Lane and he will Direct and edit your film. 



Can I cancel or downgrade my existing course and join this one?

No - it is an added educational outlet that will run parallel to your existing acting course. 

What if I graduate whilst this course is still running?

Yes - if you decide to leave the Academy after graduation (most members do carry on their mastering) the Actor Filmmaker course will still fully continue with you as part of the team. 

Can anyone join this course?

No - it is only available for existing proactive members.

If I agree to sign up now, when will my first payment be due?

1st April 2022 alongside your normal payment for FACTA.

What equipment will we be using?

All equipment will be supplied by FACTA of the same standard used for award winning productions.

What happens if I wish to cancel my course?

Your course will stop with no additional monthly premiums due. 

Movie Clapboard

Pricing (Discounted for starting in April 2022)

The normal price for this course over 12 months is £150 / Total £1800

Currently discounted as follows starting from April.

12 months at £110 per month - Discounted total £1320 (Saving of £480).

With a new hoodie and baseball cap gifted from the Academy.

Final Edit Mina Full HD.16_29_59_07.Still268.jpg
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