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FILM FACTA Online 121.


If you prefer to learn at home or you are too far away to visit the Academy in Camden London then FACTA Online is an alternative way to Master the Screen Acting Accredited Course from The Film Actors Academy.

Over a 12 month period, you will be Coached by your own personal Film Acting Coach on a 121 basis Online.

You will also be supplied with new videos each month educating you on the Principles of Screen Acting (On average 4 new videos every month demonstrating & presenting the Screen Acting Principles).

The structure of your learning will be exactly the same as the Classroom at the Academy in London with shared experiences through recorded videos.


3-4 new skills are given each month with personal feedback from your film acting coach on your performances. (Demonstration of your new skills through self tapes from scripted scenes provided from the Film Actors Academy).

Assessment and grading is completed between the 10th and 12th month through online member performance videos during 121s & self tapes.

Academy Online Film Coach Award Winning Actress & Cinematographer Katrina Ross introduces FACTA Online.


Filmed Masterclasses in London shared with Online Academy Members.


The Academy Graduation event for members who pass the course each year are presented with different level awards and diploma certificates at the

I AM Film Festival (Pass / Merit / Distinction / Higher Distinction).

Here is a list of some of the screen acting skills you will receive when joining. 




Script analysis 

Subtext / Inner thoughts / Non-verbals

Marking your script / script interpretation



Body language

Sense memory

Character development




In the moment / The Flow

Reacting / Responding/ Baring All 


Video conferencing recommendations.

Earphones and Microphones.

If at all possible, whether you are watching from a mobile device, computer, lap-top or iPad, it will be easier for you to concentrate with earphones and if you do have an external microphone you can use, this will enable more clarity when you speak during the video conferencing  however this is not essential as most devices have a decent microphone.

Your Room.

The room you choose to use at home should be quiet and away from others. It is also recommended that if you do have others in your household, let them know you are in a meeting whilst asking for quietness during lesson time. Additionally let them know you will be taking frequent breaks if they need you at any time.


As lessons vary in length with regular reflective breaks, it will be important to have a comfortable chair at home whilst attending the lesson on line, please click on the chair icon above for best practise via NHS.


Whether you are interacting through a computer, iPad, mobile or laptop, please ensure it is at eye level, this will help you concentrate and be more comfortable when learning with the benefits of best posturing under your own health and safety at home.


Drinks & Food.

Of course in your own home, you can eat and drink as much as you like when in the virtual reality classroom, all we ask is you MUTE your microphone when eating and be mindful of your hot drinks.

Booking in with a view to joining the Academy FACTA Online Course.


If you would like to know more about joining the Film Actors Academy Online Programme please email us at introducing yourself and what you are looking for in further education plus the following information to arrange an online meeting with one of the Academy Film Coaches.

1. State your full name.

2. Confirm whether you are over 16 years of age. 

3. State whether you are a beginner to film acting or if you have experience in both film/tv performance/s and education.

4. That you are interested in Online education.

5. Your phone number and best time and day to call you via a video call on WhattsApp or voice phone call (Please state your preference).

Full House Master 3 - 8th December DCP 45 mins.43589_edited.jpg


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