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A huge welcome and thank you to The Film Actors & Actresses Academy Subscribers.

This is the place for updates, Blogs & Vlogs.

From Behind The Scenes to Instructional Acting Videos and to assist in your choices on mastering your ability to execute a scene and story arc within a film.

Additionally updates from Academy projects will be shared for a greater insight to the film industry.


Some videos will be of high production and others will be more of a fly on the wall documentary feel and real time updates. 

If you have any questions or just generally wish to reach out to us, we can be reached on via 

Latest Awards

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Best Original Screenplay Stanley (Kubrick) Awards 

New York Film Awards Best Trailer
Best Editing Stanley (Kubrick) Awards 

Tokyo Film Festival Best Short Film 

Best Web/Tv Series Naples Film Awards 
Best Original Short Film Sweet Democracy Awards

Reale Film Festival Best Short Film Hon Ment.

Best Web/Tv Series  8 And HalFilm Awards 


You Can't See Yourself In The Room

Filmed at The professional Speakers Academy in London as part of Q & A for Paul to explain the process of Energy when presenting to others professionally and in many high pressure environment platforms (public speaking, auditions etc.)  


The Words Come Last

Explaining one of the Core Accredited Principles of Screen Acting at The Film Actors Academy in a short video to give you an idea of how to be in a more relaxed state to grow your performances organically and to fine tune your characters voice tone.


When You Hear The Word Action

Defining the process of beginning a scene as you hear "Action" from the Film Director.


Latest Masterclass pictures of performances.

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Watch the opening Scene to the Award Winning FILM FACTA Academy Production Series Web Crawler Episode One White Lies

(+18 Viewing) Awards for Best Original TV Series Best Cinematography Best Original Screenplay & Best Editing.

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