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Highlighted Film Scene placements and FACTA Distinction Awarded Members. 

Web Crawler Series 1 Poster White Lies 2022.jpg

Film Production TV Series White Lies

(Winner of 9 IMDb Awards & 3 Nominations).


Film Production All The Lonely People

(Winner of 4 IMDb Awards & 3 Nominations).

Academy Members Vicky Peirson & Peter Agnelli.

Academy Member Lindsey Peel. 

Academy Member Daniel D Skinner. 

Award Winning White Lies Film Trailer 2023

Opening narrative for All The Lonely People

with Katrina Ross.

Academy Member Vic Zander.

Opening Web Crawler narrative with Tony Fadil.

Academy Member Simon Gibbons. 


Academy Member Matthew Michaelson. 

film yellow.jpg

Film Production Yellow

(Winner of 11 IMDb Awards).

Academy Members Katrina Ross & Julian Gamm.

FACTA Film Production The Lethal Game.

FACTA Film Production The Lethal Game.

Academy Members Kudzi Synos  &

Gerard Thorton 

Academy Film Coach & Director Paul J Lane. 

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