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April 2024 

Interview released for the Academy Film Production "Full House" via Cannes Film Awards (click on pictures). 


March 2024 

New Academy announced for May in Canterbury with Processional Film Coach  Katrina Ross. 

Academy production Full House awarded Best Trailer from the Berlin Indie Film Festival.


February 2024

New Academy awards presented in February for the Best Film Trailer from Crown Point International Film Festival ,Sun Film Festival, The American Golden Picture Film Festival and Tatras International Film Festival including Best Editing.

WINNER - Sun Film Festival - BEST FILM TRAILER (1).png
WINNER - Crown Point International Film Festival - BEST FILM TRAILER.png
Full House Official Poster 2024_edited_e
cine paris film festival.png

January 2024

The Academy Film Production "Full House" due for its release in the Summer of this year has been awarded

Best Film Trailer at the Cine Paris Film Festival this month. The Trailer will be released in March of this year and

huge congratulations to all involved. A wonderful start which promises to continue throughout 2024


December 2023

Academy members celebrating their Graduation ceremony at the I AM Film Festival  this month.


December 2023

Academy members joined in to create this lovely video Directed by our founder Paul J Lane for an excellent cause being the King George and Queen’s Hospitals Charity.


December 2023

The Academy Film Production of Full House  Private Screening at The I AM Film Festival in London.

ian burfield film actors academy.jpg

July to October 2023

The Academy Film Production of Full House finalises it's filming in readiness for its Premiere in December and its Principle Lead Actor Ian Burfield delivers a Masterclass at our Camden Venue.


May - June 2023

Very nice of our Academy Distinction Member Neil Harget to share his picture from last year during his time on Essex Serpent  with Clare Danes known for many things such as Terminator 3, Homeland and Stardust.

May - June 2023

At certain times of the year, Academy members conclude their Accredited Yearly Screen Acting Course with a classroom performance scene or monologue which they have been studying and mastering throughout the year.

Here is the latest from Andjela who has passed with flying colours and awarded a Distinction. Congratulations Andjela. We look forward to seeing you at the I AM Film Festival in December to receive your award and certification.  


March - April 2023

Filming continues on the Academy production "Full House" and we are very pleased to announce that Ian Burfield has joined the cast who is very well known for his high level experience in Film and TV. (Eastenders - Grantchester - The International - Silent Witness - Endeavor - The Bill - The Knock)

He plays the main villain within the film and our members are extremely thankful for his wisdom and performances on set.  


March 2023

The Film Actors Academy journeyed to Burlington House School this week to assess and feedback performances for Year 10 pupils in line with their film course R S L vocational qualifications. Academy Film Director Paul J Lane & Academy Director of Photography Katrina Ross were highly impressed with the standard in front of camera and very thankful for the reception and care taken by all to make their visit most welcome. 

pauljlane com
film actors academy

February 2023

Trailer released for "The Haunting of Helen's Bridge" with Father Jacob played by our Head Coach & Founder Paul J Lane 

Directed by Stephen Presley

Available to watch via 

Starring Michelle Collins - Warren Hicks - Stephen Presley - James Jaysen Bryhan - Axl Kirton - Zoë Bullock

January 2023

The Academy is very happy to share the news that our TV Series One Web Crawler "White Lies" has won 9 IMDb awards this month at 6 Film Festivals

Naples Film Awards

Venice Film Festival 

Stanley (Kubrick) Film Awards

Sweet Democracy Film Awards

8 & Halfilm Awards

Art Film Awards

6 Best Original TV Series

1 Best Cinematography

1 Best Original Screenplay

1 Best Editing

grace hd2_edited.jpg
the film actors academy
flm actors academy

December 2022 

Filming commences on Academy film production "Full House" in line with first concept trailer / test footage - Master filming also begins in March 2023. Pictured above Academy members Dany, Jasmin in Film Character.

film actors academy
film actors cademy

November 2022

Academy production "End Games" (film noir) filming finalised and in to post production. Academy members Fatima & Tad pictured above on set.

the film actors academy
film actors academy

September 2022 

Photo's from the I AM Film Festival are due for release this week. Here's a sneak preview of a few of the festival winners and attendees. Event sponsored by the Film Actors Academy where additionally graduates and class members celebrated course yearly assessments and masterclass performances. 

i am film festival

September 2022 

Web Crawler - Series One - White Lies - Premiered 26th & 27th August 2022 at the Premiere Cinemas 

Web Crawler Series 1 Poster White Lies 2022.jpg

August 2022

The Film Actors Academy sponsored the I AM Film Festival on the 26th & 27th August at the Premiere Cinemas.

Photo's from the prestigious event coming soon. 

i am ff 2022a.png

August 2022

The FACTA Principles of Screen Acting officially Accredited by The CPD Accreditation Organisation. 

cpd facta2.png


A 12-month classroom course designed to develop actors' skills creating a full range of characters' personalities and emotions derived through human behaviours and situations required for film.

Comprehensive interpretation of script analysis leading to creative character internal dialogue instigating emotive deliveries of body language and micro expressions.

Additionally building confidence and motivation for internal and external auditions in film productions.

Monthly evaluations and measurement of members progress via filmed performances.

This course provides structured professional skill sets with a proven track record in gaining agency representation and employment within the film industry for its assessed members. CPD (Continuing Professional Development London UK).

June 2022 Internal Castings at The Film Actors Academy listed below.

joy f.jpg
clarence v.jpg

Film Production INIT Castings

Congratulations to Academy member Joy as Daina, Academy member Clarence as Ralph, Academy member Emmanuel as Lex and Academy member Josh as Larry.

dany d.jpg
Creative background, online casino, in a man's hand a smartphone with playing cards, roule

Film production FULL HOUSE Castings

Congratulations to Academy member Dany as April, Academy member Jasmin as Grace. One Principle part awaiting casting. 

The Film Actors Academy

The Film Actors Academy film auditions for May 2022 


The I AM Film Festival 2022 announced for Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August 2022 Sponsored by FACTA


The new FACTA 2022 Clothing range has launched this week both available in white and black (Hoodie / Caps & T-shirts).

paul j lane, tony fadil

First of the 10 Year Celebrational "Get togethers" in 2022 for The Film Actors Academy in London at The Melody Restaurant in Hammersmith within St Pauls Hotel, one of our favourite places to visit. 

The Film Actors Academy
The Film Actors Academy
The Film Actors Academy
The Film Actors Academy
The Film Actors Academy
The Film Actors Academy

All performances within the Masterclasses at the Academy are filmed for analysis and mastering our screen skillsets. 

Final Edit Mina Full HD.00_39_56_06.Still257.jpg
pretty woman with a clapper

Production The End Games photo with Distinction member Peter Agnelli as The Prime Minister, production filming throughout December and January. Great casting and wonderful performance from Peter.

More to come from all at the Academy.

business black man holding a clapper
Young man in a suit holding a movie clapperboard, on white background

"Pop In" classes announced for beginners who want to start their career and advanced actors who wish to enhance their skillsets for film acting. Book a free sample lesson via our contact page to sample what's on offer. 

The Wise One Official Poster .jpg
End Games Poster

Casting this month for two new productions "The Wise One" & "End Games" Preparation is King!


Additional wins for the Film Actors Academy Production "All The Lonely People" from the Tokyo Film Festival (Japan) and Monza Film Festival (Italy).


Film Production "All The Lonely People" wins 3 awards at The New York International Film Festival, wonderful news for all the members involved in this heartfelt film (Trailer available to watch on our website film page). 


Academy Member Vic Zander pictured above with Academy Film Coach Paul J Lane presenting Vic's Film Actors Academy Distinction Award. Vic has recently achieved dialogue scenes in Eastenders and has now joined our Film Directors Academy in Camden London to further his career in film (Video courtesy of the BBC).

"An incredibly proud moment and we are all very much looking forward to more moments in both Acting and Directing with Vic" 

You can see all our Academy Awards both internal and external via the FACTA website Film Awards page. 


Production Web Crawler Premiered on the 3rd July at the Premiere cinemas in London.

the i am film festival
All The Lonely People
The I AM Film Festival
All The Lonely People

All The Lonely People Premiered on the 2nd July 2021 at The Premiere Cinemas in London. 

A wonderful evening and thank you all for so much your support. 

Academy members Vic Zander, Peter Agnelli, Vicky Peirson and Daniel Pomerance received their assessment grades for performances in the film. 

Additionally Tiffany Ellen Robinson and Maxwell Whitelock attended the Premiere and enjoyed their evening immensely (pictured above).

indie film rocket releases 2.png

Exclusive FACTA Premieres at the I AM Film Festival on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2021. (Click on any pic to order tickets now).


Really lovely to see this film pick up an Award of Recognition from Indie Fest Film Awards (#Ghosting) it's also the Film Actors Academy's 50th collaboration award, something to celebrate after this Pandemic - A fantastic achievement, personal thanks to First AD Paul Spratt, Director of Photography Katrina Ross, Producers Elaine Eaglestone / Vinnie Clarke and Writer Joanne Rose Barton and of course Casting Kids - Life before Lockdown - bring it back soon.

Official Poster Wanting 2021.jpg

Preparation begins on the film "Wanting" in readiness for Auditions in April & Filming in July 2021.

Web Crawler Official Trailer

As "All The Lonely People" goes in to Post Production, "Web Crawler" due for release on Indie Film Rocket.


The latest Academy connected Film "All The Lonely People" begins filming on 6th July 2020 which is due for release on Indie Film Rocket June 2021.

All The Lonely People

Academy member Vic Zander in "All The Lonely People" Directed by Academy Film Director Paul J Lane 

Web Crawler Official Trailer 2021

Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Sequence 01.Still276.jpg
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy

The Film Actors Academy Christmas Gathering 2019 Melody Restaurant St Pauls Hotel Hammersmith.

the film actors academy
the film actors academy
the film actors academy

The Film Actors Academy sponsors of the I AM Film Awards London UK.


Academy members enjoyed networking with the Official Film and Acting Nominees from

The I AM Film Festival.


Additionally Academy member awards were presented for Yearly Course grading. 

6 new Distinction members announced (Aureli Stafford, Ginet Jcoleoney, Paul Spratt, Adam Gold, Richard A Carter and Simon Berry).  For more information on this yearly event go to



Regent Street Premiere for #Ghosting and Family Matters Directed by Paul J Lane and staring Academy Members Simon Gibbons, Saffron Arnold, Vic Zander, Joanna Rose Barton, Vinnie Clarke, Daniel Pomerance and Neil Harget.

#Ghosting Film Trailer 2019

Joanna Rose Barton-57-2.jpg

Film Actor Academy Member Review

Serious about acting? Want to master your craft and become truly remarkable? These are some of the questions I have asked myself in the past and now I have found the answers as to ‘how’. The Film Actors Academy has changed my life and enhanced my journey bringing me confidence and success. A simple start up notion which lays the foundations of a significant approach – knowledge, strategy and skill. At the Academy we learn through the 30 principles which explore acting in intricate detail – learning the mechanics of life, human behaviours and celebrating it’s EVERYTHING through the art of acting. I have never been so full up of knowledge and feel reassured that I can walk into an audition or on set being totally prepared. Thank you Paul J Lane for being an amazing teacher and an inspiring human being. Take it from me; I won the Best Actress Award at the Film Actors Academy voted by members – So Why not? Why not me? Why not me now? So what about you? Is it your turn to shine?! This is where the magic is...own the miraculous. Joanna Rose Barton

Kudzi Synos (Distinction member @ The Film Actors Academy 2018) screenwriter of the film "The Exchange" has been selected for the "That Film Cannes" Film Festival - (Sponsored by Carnaby International). He fly's out on the 15th May and will be joined by another member Nicolas Stone - well done guys - very proud of you and the best of luck #classof2018

Film Actors Academy Head Acting Coach and Film Director Paul J Lane shares 3 film nominations at The National Film Awards with the Feature Film 16/03 for Best Feature, Best Thriller & Best Independent Film.

The films Visionary and Co-Director

Danny Darren receives an additional nomination for Best Screenplay.

Additional credits and thanks go to the films Producer Tony Fadil and Line Producer Trevor Clarke. (Both members of the Film Actors Academy).

We are all very honoured to be nominated for such a prestigious Film Festival amongst the finest in the UK Film industry.

Film Actors Academy

The Film Actors Academy Christmas Gathering 2018 at St Paul's Hotel in London. 

Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy

Paul J Lane presenting awards and Coaching Seminar at The Public Speakers Academy in London.

Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy
Film Actors Academy

Film Academy Distinction Member Katrina Ross wins 3 Best Actress Film Awards from Malibu, Sierra and Santiago.


Distinction Film Actor Academy Member Julian Gamm is nominated and wins Best Actor at The West Coast International Film Festival for his outstanding performance in YELLOW alongside Katrina Ross who also wins Best Actress.

the film actors club academy


There has never been a better time and opportunity to revise and extend your skill set

33 x 5 star reviews 

See our latest film trailer featuring 5 Academy members of which 2 were awarded Distinctions for their performances in the film YELLOW.

the film actors club academy
katrina ross

New Film Actor Club Academy 2018 Distinction Members Kudzi Synos & Katrina Ross. 

Film Actors Academy

Film Academy Member Nick Khan on set with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

The Film Actors Club Co-Production Feature Film 16/03 (In association with Baiboon Entertainment) due for release in 2019 has received 27 IMDb awards and 11 Nominations. 

Click on the award winning film trailer to see more and click on the IMDb link below to see full cast and crew.


The Film Actors Club

Film Actors Academy Distinction Member Cheryl Neve nominated for Best Actress at the Birmingham Film Festival Honourable Mention at The LA Film Awards, Winner of Best Drama at Festigious Film Festival 

 is a Judge for the Top Shorts Film Festival and has just completed her first film as Director (Cheating Charlie). 

Paul J Lane The Film Actors Club


Paul J Lane Awarded Best Director for Gilded

Film of the Month and Best Drama

Gilded written by Award Winning Actress Cheryl Neve Distinction Member at The Film Actors Academy.

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